AndroidCPG - Android File Upload to Coppermine Plugin


Upload photos and videos to your coppermine gallery through the Android standard Share context menu

AndroidCPG Plugin ( - Allows Android CPG application to connect with the gallery's server. Allowed operations: create albums and upload files (Images and videos)

AndroidCPG.apk - Android application: Create albums and upload files (Images and videos) through the standard Android Share context menu.

Instructions 1 AndroidCPGInstructions 2 AndroidCPGInstructions 3 AndroidCPGInstructions 4 AndroidCPGInstructions 5 AndroidCPG

The instructions are:


Source code For AndroidCPG (both server and client side) is open and free for all. Modify as you want or need...

If you want to report bugs or just give ideas, feel free to write a comment at,77788, it will come to my E-Mail (Developer console).


BTW, Google! The Android Market (GooglePlay™) is full of spam, robots, trolls and hate-the-world users... Wake up!